Lucille Field-Goodman

Lucy Goodman

Lucille Field-Goodman is a founding mother of the North Fork Women for Women Fund, it’s first secretary and the first recipient of the Founders Award which began in 2013. She was one of two feminist activists that came up with the idea of creating a fund to provide financial assistance and services to lesbians in the North Fork community who were facing health and aging problems.

Her insight and energy bonded a community of women. In 1992 one of the few all-women’s organizations on Long Island was created and remains to this day. From the very beginning Lucy Goodman saw that an individual’s health is defined both in medical terms and in relation to her life within the context of a community. That people live healthier lives when they feel connected to others and are not isolated. The organization carries on today based on the groundwork that Lucy had established with that train of thought.

Throughout the history of the organization each board has dealt with the issue of “coming out to the public.” The names of board members were not listed on newsletters because some felt it might jeopardize their jobs or relationships. The word lesbian was never publically mentioned in connection with NFWFWF. When Lucy Goodman became president in 1997, NFWFWF formally proclaimed itself a lesbian healthcare organization. Thanks in part to Lucy, the North Fork Women for Women Fund was officially out of the closet.

She has steered NFWFWF onto a steadily expanding course that proudly declares who we are. It lasts to this day. For these many reasons, we owe Lucy Goodman a debt of gratitude.

Founders Award Recipients

The Founders Award is given each year to a woman who has made a difference in the North Fork Women for Women Fund organization, and into the lives of those in our community.

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