Leslie Kanes Weisman

Leslie Weisman

Leslie Weisman was the 2016 recipient of the NFWFWF Founders Award. The organization considered itself very lucky to have Leslie put her talents as an activist, pioneer, author and planner to work in their corner. Leslie helped to assess the needs and interests of the lesbian community which was of central importance to NFWFWF’s beginnings and has remained an ongoing activity throughout the evolution of the organization.

She helped develop the first community questionnaire to prioritize NFWFWF’s activities and improve the organization’s outreach to potential grant recipients. She wanted to ensure that in the future NFWFWF would continue to reflect the priorities, needs and creativity of the majority of its members.

In 2002, president Leslie Weisman was interviewed by the Suffolk Times which published a featured article called “NFWFWF Steps Forward” (August 29, 2002.) She was interviewed and photographed with two other NFWFWF board members. Despite some apprehension, the response from the straight community was only positive, thus leading the organization into a bright light among the general North Fork community.

Aside from Leslie’s many talents she has also been the conscience and historian of the organization. NFWFWF has been able to march forward due to her insights. We thank her through this award. 

Founders Award Recipients

The Founders Award is given each year to a woman who has made a difference in the North Fork Women for Women Fund organization, and into the lives of those in our community.

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