It appears that the optimism I expressed in my last message about spring was premature.  Last weekend ‘s snowfall made that clear.  In spite of the weather, many of our members attended the 17th Annual Narrow River Singers concert and gave support to members in the chorus.

The NFWFWF Board has been busy planning some educational events on topics of interest to our members.   Lisa Horowitz from Life Cycles Resource Management will be holding two seminars at Floyd Memorial Library.  The first, on Saturday April 11th at 9:30 a.m., will focus on Federal and Private Benefit Options – decisions that many of our members will be making as we approach Medicare age. The second seminar on May 2nd   will concentrate on Care for Caregiver – how to keep ourselves healthy as we provide care and assistance for a loved one.  Both topics are extremely relevant to our community and the issues many of us are facing. If you have a particular question or issue that you would like to be addressed at either of these seminars, you can email them to  and we will pass them on to Ms. Horowitz.

By now most of you should have received the survey of our members.  Those who have provided email addresses received a link to the survey, while those for whom we do not have an email address were mailed a hard copy.  Please take the time (5-10) minutes to complete the survey. Help the Board in its efforts to best serve you by letting us know what you want from NFWFWF and how you feel it can best be provided. This is your opportunity to be heard — anonymously.  Already, over ninety members have completed the survey.  Once the April 8, 2015 deadline passes we will start to tabulate the results and report them to you.

HelpHer continues to monitor several members of our community, providing rides to doctors appointments and assistance with grocery shopping.  If you or someone you know needs some assistance, please contact us as soon as possible at (631) 477-8464 or   The information we receive remains confidential, but he assistance can be a lifeline.

In addition, NFWFWF is working hard on outreach to those who may not know of us and the services we can offer to lesbians on the North Fork.  We will be putting a classified ad in the Suffolk Times and are hoping to meet with staff at ELI to insure that they know about the services NFWFWF can provide.  We will also be seeking to become more engaged with other Gay and Lesbian Groups on Long Island so that they, too, will be more familiar with the services NFWFWF can provide.

The Anne McKay Scholarship Committee has reviewed the applications for this year’s scholarship and has narrowed it down to three finalists who will be interviewed with a parent on April 19th.  There was a 50% increase in applications this year, as both guidance counselors and school administration become more familiar with NFWFWF and the scholarship.

Hopefully, Spring is truly on the way.  At least the crocus think so!