Well, summer is upon us. I hope you are all enjoying all the North Fork has to offer this summer.

NFWFWF has been busy attending to the various needs and wishes of our community.

We have awarded three grants for services and have been watching over a number of our sisters through our fabulous HelpHer committee. One thankful grantee wrote:

I cannot let any more time pass without sending you a great big thankful and huge bear hug to all. As you probably know, I am 75 and have several health issues… I was becoming a prisoner in my own home… I have some of my independence back! You are a wonderful organization and thank God for you… Thank you to Barb who patiently listened to my problems and was very helpful and supportive and to Karen who got me help so quickly. Thank you just doesn’t seem to cover all you have done so take the sincere gratitude you have from two very relieved people.

These sentiments are often expressed after intervention from NFWFWF. The simple act of listening, spending an hour to two or even sharing a meal does wonders. This is what your donations support; these are the lives you are saving; this is the hope and assistance we can provide with your support.

NFWFWF also awarded scholarships in honor of Anne MacKay this June at the Mattituck High School Graduation. Our award winners, Adrianna Lawson, Emily Pressler and Julia Saccamano wrote wonderful essays regarding diversity in their communities. They can be read here. Ms. Saccamano thanked NFWFWF and expressed her gratitude. She wrote:

Thank you for chossing me as one of the recipients of your Anne MacKay scholarships… My mother and I enjoyed meeting all of you at the interview. Your support of me has helped with my self confidence…

Again, your support enables us to be better community members and to assist students reach their full potential.

NFWFWF-ers enjoying our fishing excursion. Click to enlarge.

NFWFWF-ers enjoying our fishing excursion.

NFWFWF opened porgy and fluke season with our annual. Fish were caught, and even ‘sushi-ed’ on board. A wonderful blue sky and calm waters made the event a fun day for all who participated.

On June 27th, over 110 members of our community attended the Annual Gay Pride event to celebrate the historic leaps that Gays and Lesbians have made in so many areas. When the Gay Marriage ruling was announced, it became clear that our outreach had been working and our presence on the North Fork was felt as media outlets reached out to NFWFWF to comment on the ruling, such as SoutholdLocal.com and the Suffolk Times.


Board members Pat King, Mary Dorman, Kathy Bresnan, Lori Cohen, Marj Snyder and Danielle Henripin with Maria Fasulo of the HRC.

Indeed, a reporter even attended the Gay Pride Event and wrote a wonderful article on some of our members. While the rain held off and a fire was built to keep us warm, everyone in attendance had a wonderful time celebrating and catching up.

NFWFWF’s annual Tennis event will be held on August 15th. A fun time to come play, or if you do not play, then come watch, eat, cheer and laugh. For details of the fun please link to our Tennis page.

As I reported in my last update, the Human Rights Campaign is honoring NFWFWF with its Equality Award on Monday August 17th at their annual ‘Tee Off’ event in Glen Cove. Details of the event can be found on their website. Please join current and past Board members at the dinner where the honor will be bestowed. This award recognizes the over two decades of work that NFWFWF has done to improve the lives of lesbians on the North Fork.

Of course, our Annual Summer Gala, the Janet T. Swanson Auction, will be held on September 5th from 5–11 p.m. at the Wharf House on Founder’s Landing. This is our biggest fundraiser of the year, and much of our programming, grants, coordination of the HelpHer efforts are funded by the donations we receive at the Auction. If you can attend, consider becoming a Sponsor to help us fund additional grants and programming. If you cannot attend, please consider making a donation.

NFWFWF is the only organization on Long Island dedicated to making the lives of lesbians on the North Fork better – whether through grants, through HelpHer assistance or just through fun and social events. All of these things make us a vibrant community that look out for each other. Please help us continue in this mission in whatever manner you can. Of course, if you want to attend the Auction and need a ride, or need assistance with a ticket, contact us here.