Happy Pride Month!

As we are on the brink of a historic Supreme Court ruling granting all people the right to marry, we have much to celebrate.  Of course, you can come celebrate your pride at the NFWFWF Pride Event on this coming Saturday at 5pm.  For tickets, click here.

Along those lines, the Human Rights Campaign has decided to honor NFWFWF with its Equality Award in recognition of all that NFWFWF “does for the women of Long Island.” It is a great honor for NFWFWF and recognizes the great work that NFWFWF has been doing for many years.  If you are interested in attending the event, click here.

We have been busy helping our community.  HelpHer volunteers continue to monitor several members of the community, including driving community members to medical appointments in Southold and Riverhead.  We have awarded a grant to install necessary bars and grips in a bathroom, and awarded another grant to assist a community member with post surgical costs.  One Grantee has written:

“I want to thank NFWFWF, he Board and the community for the grant I just received.  At a time when a medical issue keeps me out of work, the grant has been a significant relief and a reminder that a sudden financial squeeze could happen to any of us.  The process could not have been faster, more professional or supportive.  I am glad I applied, and that when I needed it, NFWFWF welcomed me as a grant recipient after years as a donor.”

At some events we hold, we seek donations and sponsorships to help support NFWFWF’s work.  These donations and sponsorships include defraying the costs for community members who wish to attend events but may not be able to afford the ticket price.  It is our goal to never turn a community member away who wishes to attend an event.  So, if you would like to attend ANY of our events, and need financial assistance to do so, please contact us.