It looks like spring may actually be on the horizon!  The thaw has commenced!  I want to thank all of you who attended the Founders’ Event at Bedell Wineries honoring long time  NFWFW participant Tommy Thomas. Because  Tommy was not able to attend the event, numerous messages were videotaped so that she could see how much NFWFWF members appreciate her and value her contribution to the organization.

We are eagerly  awaiting submissions for NFWFWF’s Anne McKay Scholarship.  Once all submissions are received, the committee will begin its work reviewing the applications and selecting candidates to interview.

We have several events in the works.  Lisa Horowitz will be presenting two seminars on insurance and aging.  Many of our members have requested this Information and we are pleased to be able to present these events.

Auction planning will begin shortly and, as always, volunteers are being sought, so please contact me if you will be available to participate.

Looking forward to those crocus shoots!