This past month has been a busy one for NFWFWF.

Many of you, over 140 women, took the time to complete our recent survey.  The results can be found by clicking here.  Some highlights were that 80% of respondents felt the mission was still relevant and 83% felt that NFWFWF was doing a good or very good job in assisting North Fork Lesbians.  The results of this survey confirmed the results from the earlier survey (results found here) – that our members want to be engaged with each other – both in social and educational events.  Toward that goal, we have planned a number of events.

NFWFWF held a series of events headlined by Lisa Horowitz, CLU, ChFC.  Ms. Horowitz shared her expertise on Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, Long Term care insurance and also on Caring for the Caregivers.  Her information was timely and incredibly important.  Ms. Horowitz was so inspired by her introduction to NFWFWF and our amazing HelpHer committee that she has volunteered  to offer some assistance with navigating the healthcare system.  If you or someone you know needs assistance call the HelpHer hotline at 631.477.8464.

HelpHer has continued assisting our members here on the North Fork.  We have awarded three grants to members in need.  In addition, one of the grants available through NFWFWF is a LifeLine grant – assistance with and payment for the service and equipment of LifeLine.  We currently pay for and assist in monitoring three of our members.  Indeed, this past week the HelpHer hotline was alerted when a member needed assistance through her LifeLine.  HelpHer went to the member’s home, and has been monitoring the member’s convalescence from a fall.

Remember, HelpHer can offer a variety of services both to those who are in need of assistance and even for the caregiver herself.  As we learned in Lisa Horowitz’s second lecture, maintaining the health of the caregiver is just as importnat as maintaining the health of the person who is receiving the care.  So, again, if you or someone you know needs assistance, PLEASE contact us.

NFWFWF has also been actively engaged in outreach – we have placed an advertisement in the Suffolk Times hoping to reach those who may not be aware of the services we offer – and have had several calls as a result of these ads.

NFWFWF has continued its community outreach though the The Anne Mckay Scholarship.  The  winners have been announced – three very impressive young women will receive scholarships for their commitment to diversity in their communities.  They are very accomplished and will undoubtedly move on to make this world a better place for everyone.

Now that the weather has improved, the NFWFWF calendar is full of events to get us outdoors – you can fish, play tennis, golf, and eat and drink at the Pride event.  We are hoping to start a walking group and perhaps some light stretching to help get our bodies moving after a long winter.  If you have any activities you would like us to sponsor, please let me know. Additionally, NFWFWF is committed to enabling all of our members to enjoy all of our activities.  The benefits of socialization are plentiful.  To that end, NFWFWF also offers grants to cover the cost of any event it holds.  If you or someone you know cannot afford the price of admission please call us at (631) 477-8464.  Contrary to what seems to be a widely held opinion, ALL requests for grants and assistance are confidential.

I look forward to seeing you all at one or more of our events this summer!