Well, Spring is finally here… yet the cold continues.

This month we have been working hard reviewing grant applications along with the guidelines for grant giving. We are also beginning a new Archives project and conjuring up ways to celebrate the 25th Anniversary of NFWFWF.

We are pleased to report that since January 2016 nearly $10,000 in grants have been awarded. These grants have gone to a former military service member who found NFWFWF through our ad in the Suffolk Times, to a hoarder who needed assistance in cleaning up her home, to long term members who simply needed our assistance. Some of the applications have led to a larger discussion concerning lifetime limits to grantees, yearly limits of the amount of grants, whether grantees should have to repay grants if their circumstances change, how much of a needs test should we be doing, etc. We hope to engage the advisory board in the continued discussion of this very important topic. Additionally, we welcome our members input and comments, so feel free to either send me an email at president@nfwfwf.net, or comment here.

Some of you have probably seen our first NFWFWF Kickstarter Campaign! In our continuing efforts to be more creative in our fundraising, we have started a campaign on Kickstarter – a crowd sourcing platform that enables many people to support our project. You can see the campaign by clicking here. The NFWFWF Archives committee has compiled 25 years of video tapes of our past events (think Sync or Swim, the Talent Show, Crones Softball Games) along with many, many interviews of a large swath of community members, some of whom have passed away. These videos are our history and are important glimpses into the lives of our lesbian community. We are very concerned about preserving this history and hence, the Archives Preservation Campaign. The Kickstarter Campaign contains a video that is fun to watch. Please consider making even a small donation to help preserve our history for future generations.

We are busy planning some great summer events, including the Gay Pride Gala and of course, the Auction.

NFWFWF is a unique organization. Formed by the community, supported by the community for the benefit of our community. We hope that you will continue your support and involvement