Well, winter has finally arrived. Many of you braved the cold and snow to attend the Annual Meeting. Over a nice lunch, members learned about the events and grants of the past year, the financial well being of the organization, and the Board’s plans for the future. The members greeted new Board members Patricia Feely and Jackie Wolfson to the Board and learned about our milestone – this is NFWFWF’s 25th year of existence! If you were not able to make it to the meeting, you can review the packet here.

We hope to have some events celebrating our 25th year, and the women who got us here. To that end, NFWFWF will be honoring Leslie Weisman at this year’s Founders’ Award event, to be held Saturday, February 20th at Bedell Wineries. Tickets can be purchased here.

Bedell has graciously donated the use of their tasting room free of charge – enabling us to keep costs down and to raise more money for future grants and programming. As discussed at the Annual Meeting, the Board has strived to spread fundraising out over many different events, instead of relying upon a single event. This way, we can charge less at events, but still maintain our stream of fundraising. Last year, we were able to not only increase our fundraising over several very successful events, but were almost doubled the amount we were able to raise during the Year End Grant Challenge issued by the Board of Directors.

Our organization is unique. Twenty five years ago a bunch of our sisters got together and decided that we have an obligation to help those in our community who need assistance. Some of the faces may have changed, our community may have greatly expanded but our mission remains constant. We are a self funded, group of primarily volunteers who manage to offer programming, social events and assistance to the community. You should all be proud of the very unique nature of our organization and of the good works we do, year in and year out.

So, happy beginning of our 25th year, and I hope to see you all at the Founders’ Event!