As we all wake up from the slumber of winter, I write to keep you all updated and aware of the NFWFWF happenings.  Thank you to the 100 of you who came and supported the award of the NFWFWF Founders Award to long time member, founding mother and all around amazing lesbian, Leslie Weisman.  As I listened to Margaret Cowden (another amazing woman!) talk about Leslie, I was struck by the high level of accomplishments of many of the the members of our community.  It is has been wonderful to meet the women and learn of these accomplishments.

The event was a resounding success due to your continued support and the hard work out in my members of the board, who donated and made all of the food for the event.  Special kudos to Kathy Bresnan, Pat and Roni King for their culinary talents — and to Jackie Wolfson for those fabulous brownies.

Your monetary support has come in handy as we have already awarded four grants this year.  One grantee comes to us through our ad in the Suffolk Times!  We are so gratified that our various efforts at outreach seem to be working.  In addition to the grant request, we have also gotten a number of calls from women who have found NFWFWF via our advertisement.

HelpHer has also been busy, helping several members with end of life issues. This essential assistance comes in many forms, from providing monetary assistance to simply comforting surviving spouses and everything in between.  It is difficult and emotional work, but an important and essential part of our mission.  Your financial support makes this assistance possible.

I hope to see some of you at the Narrow River Singers event on March 19th and at future NFWFWF events.