Bernadette Hoban

2019 President Bernadette Hoban

The other day I saw a woman stop her car along the North Road to assist a turtle across the highway. A second woman pulled over to help the first woman who was assisting the turtle. Thanks to these two women, the turtle made it safely across the road. The women gave each other a high five for a deed well done.

Most of us have stopped to help those in need. I’ve also noticed when one person stops, usually others will stop as well. It’s that key person who stops first, but it’s the group that gets the job done.

I think the same is true for volunteer organizations like NFWFWF. We are all individuals who, as a group, are helping others. Yes, the heavy lifting is usually centralized to a smaller group but collectively we are all helping.

Thanks to your generosity, NFWFWF is financially sound and able to assist lesbians on the North Fork. Where we can use additional support is getting volunteers to help carry out our mission. The more that people help, the lighter the load for everyone.

We have volunteer openings available on our Help Her team and the Outreach Committee. Opportunities are also available to volunteer at the various events we have throughout the year. These are all critical positions that will help us continue to do the good work we do. So, if you have time to share, please consider joining us on this journey as we continue to be a force for good on the North Fork.

The first NFWFWF car pulled over almost 30 years ago to assist someone that needed a hand. Since then hundreds more have stopped to offer assistance through our organization. Great things continue to happen every day by those willing to lend a hand to lesbians on the North Fork.

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We wish you all a safe and enjoyable summer season.


Bernie Hoban
NFWFWF President