About the Board of Directors

The Board of Directors consists of a minimum of 5 and a maximum of 12 members who are responsible for processing applications and awarding grants. The Board oversees all committees, activities and events.

The dual purpose of the Board and the Committees is first, to raise funds to replenish monies for healthcare/crisis grants and general operation of the organization; and second, to promote events and activities that foster and build the social and community life of lesbians and our friends who live on or visit the North Fork of Long Island, NY.

Board members are elected for 3 year terms. Once the Board is selected in January of each year, the new Board selects their officers: President, Secretary and Treasurer. The office of president is divided into three one-year terms, first as President-Elect, then as President and finally as Past-President.

You must be a member of North Fork Women to serve on the Board. Membership is free and open to any self-identified lesbian who resides on a full time, part-time or seasonal basis in the geographical area from Riverhead Township to Orient Point and Shelter Island.

The Advisors Board

The Advisors Board is composed of individuals with special expertise or ability who will lend support, advice, or other assistance to the organization and with whom the Board wishes to establish an official relationship. Many members of the council are previous members of the board of directors.

The current Advisory Board includes Sandra Benedetto, Kathleen Bresnan, Margaret Cowden, Lucille Field Goodman, Susan Forbes, Gillian Francis, Jere Jacob, Colleen McDonough, Ellen Neff, Debra Roth, Karen Sauvigné, Diana Voelker, Marianne Weil and Leslie Weisman.