Wellness Check-ins

NFWFWF is announcing the start of a Wellness Check-in Program sponsored by Help-Her. It is a way for members to check-in with someone on a regular basis to make sure that ‘all is well.’ The program is designed for those of us who may not have folks who frequently check-in, and for a way to contact someone at a ‘safe’ distance.
The process is free, simple and is done by your preference of phone, text or email. Just fill out the attached form and we will be in touch with you to review a few details, give you the info for your Check-in Buddy and start the program.
How does the NFWFWF Check-in Service work?:
• The Check-In call is made from the member who signed up for service:
A member calls/texts/emails a friendly Check-in Buddy during the time specified on her check-in form.
• A NFWFWF Check-in Buddy assesses the member’s well-being:
If all is well, the member will contact her Check-in Buddy at the next assigned time.
• If help if needed:
If there is no contact at the assigned time, the Check-in Buddy contacts the NFWFWF member who has signed up for service. If there is no answer, the Check-in Buddy calls the designated contact person, or emergency services, as needed.
This service is only for NFWFWF members and is strictly confidential.
Questions? Send us an email or leave a message at 631-477-8464.

HelpHer’s Wellness Check-in program is a volunteer service provided through NFWFWF. The service is not intended to replace professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. If you think you may have a medical emergency, immediately call your doctor or dial 911.

Fill out this form to start a Wellness Check-In