Thank you for considering a donation to North Fork Women. We have three funds to which you can make a donation:

  • The General Fund: From the General Fund, North Fork Women is able to give financial grants to those in-need on the North Fork. It also supports the organization to ‘get the word out’ to others about events that both socialize and raise funds. In turn, we can disburse those funds to others in the community. The General Fund is the oil that keeps our organization running. Click to learn the mission of North Fork Women.
  • The Anne MacKay Scholarship Fund: Each year the Anne MacKay Scholarship Fund raises money to give, in the form of a scholarship, to a deserving student that lives on the North Fork and is a senior in a North Fork public High School. Click to learn more about the scholarship. The scholarships are based on a combination of student submitted essays, transcripts and recommendations. The financial support the scholarship provides helps students progress through the difficult maze of proceeding to a higher education. Grants make the scholarships possible.
  • The Covid-19 Support Fund: Your donation to North Fork Women’s Covid-19 Fund will help us continue to make donations to our supporters, friends and organizations helping the community during the Covid-19 pandemic.
We appreciates whichever fund, in whatever amount, you choose to donate. Every bit counts and you make it possible with your tax-deductible contribution. Please click the button of the Fund that feels right to you: