Lucille Field Goodman

January 3, 1929 — September 5, 2021

Lucy in 1993.

Lucille Field Goodman, PhD – musician, activist, teacher, scholar and founding NFWFWF mother – died on September 5th, 2021 at the age of 92.

Music was her central love and work. She also worked tirelessly for lesbian, feminist, and social justice causes. Described by her family, students, and many friends as indomitable and magnetic, she had a ferocious, shining wit and the ability to charm, inspire, and affect the lives of everyone she met.

A trailblazer from an early age, Lucy earned her B.A. in Music from Brooklyn College at 20 and an M.S. in Music Education from City University in 1971. Under the name Lucille Field, she performed classical vocal music throughout North America and Europe, including at Carnegie Recital Hall in 1980, with an emphasis on contemporary and historical women composers. Lucy taught music in elementary schools in Brownsville and Crown Heights before joining the faculty of Brooklyn College, where she taught music education and vocal performance for almost 20 years. In collaboration with other feminist professors, she established the first Women’s Studies Department at the college. Later in her career, she was awarded an honorary doctorate from CUNY, and appointed Professor Emerita after her retirement. Lucy co-founded the International Alliance of Women in Music (IAWM). In her later years, she taught voice on the North Fork of Long Island and published two collections of short stories about the lives of Jewish immigrant families and aging lesbians.

In 1992, Lucille’s friend, Beva Eastman, asked her what she most wished she could do for the North Fork lesbian community. “The lightbulb went on” Lucy said, replying that she wished she could create an organization which would provide financial and practical support enabling lesbians in the broader North Fork community to have better access to healthcare and related services. Beva approached Janet Swanson who loved the concept. With other local feminists, they worked to assemble a board of directors; the North Fork Women for Women Fund (now North Fork Women) was conceived and funded. At the time, health insurance and health care options were limited for anyone who did not have robust financial resources. In addition, health care for lesbians and others in LGBTQAI communities was often difficult due to rampant homophobia and ignorance.


Along with Lucille, Beva and Jan, it took many minds and efforts to establish and grow Lucy’s seed of an idea into an effective and well-funded operation. North Fork Women has not only served as a funding source but also as center of gravity that attracts lesbians from all over the North Fork to work together on behalf of the community through leadership, fundraising and outreach. Lucille was President from 1997 to 1999. She served on the board for many years and remained active for the rest of her life, always arguing to enhance the mission and contributing financially. She was honored with The Founder’s Award in 2013.

Please enjoy the video links below to see interviews with Lucille and other founding members and learn more about the organization’s inception and development. There are many more interviews with founders on the North Fork Women Youtube channel, including past talent show videos.

At the time of her death she was the venerated matriarch of the extended Feldman family in Boston, New Jersey, Toronto, and throughout the world, including her two sisters, Marion Kazdan and Yolette Nussbaum, her daughter, Carol Goodman, her two grandchildren, Mikey and Leo, and her beloved partner of 41 years, Patsy Rogers.

Donations can be made in Lucy’s memory to North Fork Women, Planned Parenthood Federation of America, the IAWM, C.A.S.T., or another organization consistent with Lucy’s values.

If you are interested in obtaining copies of her books or CD, please contact her daughter at

Videos of Lucy can be viewed here: