Marj Snyder

President Marj Snyder

Hello to all and a happy and healthy New Year! I’m honored to introduce myself as the new NFWFWF president for 2018. I have big shoes to fill as Kathy Bresnan, my immediate predecessor, has led us through a very successful 2017. Her excellent stewardship has resulted in a financially strong and vibrant NFWFWF.

Kathy conceived the highly popular First Friday Friends (FFF) events that will continue in 2018. The February FFF will be at Industry Standard in Greenport from 6-7pm. These get-togethers have been fun opportunities to catch up with friends, make new friends, and check out the bars and restaurants on the North Fork. They’ve also been a great introduction to NFWFWF for restaurant owners and staff. It’s been a win-win. Please join us and let us know if you have suggestions for future venues. Many thanks are also due to Lori Cohen who is stepping off the board. Lori joined the board in 2011 and served three years as president. Her guidance and gung-ho attitude will be missed.

One of my primary objectives in 2018 is to engage the board and our community in a strategic planning process. We need to understand and be responsive to the health needs as they are today and will be in the future, rather than what they may have been when NFWFWF began. I need your assistance for this to be successful so please contact me via email if you would like to contribute to this important endeavor.

Already, this year HelpHer volunteers have assisted one of our community members with her healthcare needs. This included transport, paying for and securing home equipment, checking-in, and clearing her walk. We stand ready to assist with human and financial resources in cases like this. Please be sure to let us know if you, your loved ones, or friends need this kind of assistance. This is where we can really make a difference.

I hope you will participate in the annual meeting on January 27th at Poquatuck Hall in Orient. Doors open for socializing and snacks at 11:30am. The meeting is from noon to 1 p.m. We’ll be reviewing the 2017 accomplishments and finances and sharing the 2018 plans and budget. Most of all, we want to hear your concerns, priorities, and ideas. We need to hear your voices to keep our community strong in 2018.

Please get in touch with me at any time to share any thoughts, ideas, or concerns you have. Marj Snyder NFWFWF President president@nfwfwf.org

Marj Snyder 
NFWFWF President