'Red Haired Woman' and 'Little Red Car' by Tommy Thomas

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Two constructions by Tommy Thomas from the estate of Peg Murray.

Tommy made both of these pieces especially for her friend Peg Murray.
The ‘Little Red Car’ piece shows the license plate ‘PM762’, which stands for ‘Peg Murray July 1962.’ This is the time period they met. It is signed ‘TT’ in paint on the back, is made mostly of painted wood and measures 7″ wide x 6″ high.
The ‘Red Haired Woman’ was constructed for Peg by Tommy using mixed media. It measures 6″ wide x 10.25″ high, unsigned.
Both constructions are hung within a frame that measures 20″ wide x 16″ high. They can be kept in the frame or taken off and hung separately. Thank you Susan Stanley for taking the time to make these pieces available to North Fork Women.
Tommy and Peg summered on the North Fork for many years. Peg Murray was a successful actress of the stage, screen and TV. Tommy was an artist, editor, philanthropist and active member of the NFWFWF community. She benefitted the organization through her works at every auction she was able to attend. Tommy sadly died in 2016, but she continues to support North Fork Women through her artwork to this day.