Dear NFWFWF friends,

President Chris P'Simer

President Chris P’Simer

As you all know, we lost a long-time member of North Fork Women for Women Fund. Ellen “Pucky” Violett passed on February 13, 2020. Pucky was a writer, a philanthropist, a supporter of women’s rights and a tremendous asset to NFWFWF. I did not personally know Pucky but from what I’ve heard about her at our meetings, gatherings and now through the information provided by Mary Dorman, I am truly sorry that I never met her. It seems to me that she was an incredible woman and I know my NFWFWF colleagues will miss her dearly. On behalf of the North Fork Women for Women Fund Board, I would like to send my sincere condolences to Pucky’s family and friends and to offer any assistance we can provide during this very sad time.

In other news, the NFWFWF Board has been working diligently on our grant process to provide more opportunities for our members in need. Since its inception, the Grant Committee has recommended and the Board has awarded over $350,000 in grants to our members. We are proud of that accomplishment, but know we can do more. We know there are women out there that could use our help but are not applying for our services. It might be pride or it might be lack of information about the process, but in either case, we need to make sure our members know that we are available to help.

To help get assistance to those who need it, we are asking our members to “Take the Pledge.” Not a money pledge, but a pledge to proactively help our members find services that NFWFWF can provide through a grant, a life-line connection or assistance through HelpHer.

Take the Pledge now by repeating the following:

As a member of the NFWFWF Community, I pledge to proactively assist NFWFWF members with their health and well-being.

When I become aware of a lesbian on the North Fork of Long Island who is facing a health care situation such as difficulties caused by aging, illness, disability, or disruptions of physical or mental well-being, I commit to helping her access appropriate resources including healthcare grants, HelpHer, and Lifelines provided by NFWFWF.

If you would like to be added to the Pledge Wall of Fame, please submit your name and email below. We now have thirty-two pledgers and we would like to see that number grow. Your name will not be made public. Signing on is our way of knowing that members of our community are looking out for each other.

To your health,

Chris P’Simer
NFWFWF President

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