Dear Friends,

President Eleanor Thomas

President Eleanor Thomas

I am honored and excited to begin my term as president of North Fork Women and wish to thank Chris P’Simer, our previous president, for her leadership over these past two years.

North Fork Women is excited to focus on three major strategic objectives in the coming year.

Grants Application Processes:

North Fork Women is committed to ensuring that potential grantees are aware of our grant opportunities and feel confident in the ease of applying, the process of grant evaluation, our commitment to confidentiality, and grant implementation.


To ensure that that the legacy gifts entrusted to us are sustained into the future, we plan expand our membership outreach across several generations – those that so generously give as well as the next generation of members who will serve as guardians and leaders of North Fork Women in the future. For example we are exploring ways to attract and connect parents of young children.

Community and Connection:

As always, North Fork Women has allowed us to grow, not just as a granting organization, but as a way to bring people together. Now more than ever, such opportunities to meet, in person or virtually, bring resiliency to our community. We look forward to hosting several events, along with continuing First Friday Friends where all are welcome to relax, catch up, and make new friends.

I encourage you to attend our Annual Meeting via zoom on Saturday, January 29 at 4 p.m. We will review the events of 2021 and what lies ahead of our organization. Please send an email to admin@northforkwomen.org to receive handouts that will pertain to to the meeting.

At North Fork Women we are very lucky to have such an active and giving membership, an experienced advisory board and such a dedicated board of directors. As we look forward to another year of service, we welcome you to bring your friends, your talents, and your energy to help us meet our goals.

Most sincerely,

Eleanor Thomas
North Fork Women